About Human Hands Together

Human Hands Together is a growing portal that aims to provide legal awareness to every section of the society. Its aim is to spread Humanity and tries to make people aware of what's happening, and to spread knowledge about what's going and asking questions on it.
HHT is registered as a National Society under Societies Registration Act of 1860 by the Govt. of NCT, Delhi. The Society consists of the founding members from 9 States of India…

AIMS and Objective

The aims and objects for which the society is established are as under:
a) To carry out doctrinal and non-doctrinal research by engaging in research and development in the fields of law and human rights, and all remedies available under the constitution and international law in case of the violation of human rights in a better way.
b) To provide research facilities for carrying on research basic and applied in all systems and disciplines of human rights keeping in view the socio-economic needs of the afflicted community.
c) To found, establish or take over, operate and to establish research institutions in all discipline of human rights.
d) To carry out the activities related to the research and development in the fields of human rights for the welfare of the mankind.
e) To review the safeguards provided by or under the Constitution or any law for the time being in force for the protection of human rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation.
f) To promote the legal education and create awareness concerning it.
g) To provide and encourage internship programmes on human rights periodically.
h) To carry out activities to promote the human rights.