Before I start a life story about my friend, I just want to know have you ever experienced anytypeof financial problem where your father is not invited for marriages. Here it is due to his inability to afford a gift in return to bride or bride groom. But sadly it was happen in my friend's life. Yes, it happens, we are in the society of "consideration" which is also called as "QUID PRO QUO" society.

Before I start this little story which motivates your life, I just want you to please check your wrist watch if you don't have then sees your wall clock. Have you checked it, if not please check it. Now, I will get in to my friend's story sorry it's not a story it's a motivational life which makes everyone motivate. Now I just want to put you a small question as I ask you to check your watch as well as clock. Can you answer me that where the short hand and long hand is exactly at that place, when I asked you that question? Have you noticed that? Can you? I think no. I am thinking that you've started thinking I am I correct. I just want to put a smile on your face that's the reason I asked you that question.

My friend's father is born to a family where the man who satisfied his basic needs I just told basic needs not fully satisfied needs. His grandfather sold colddrinks in a cart. His father worked as a daily labour for Rs.2 per day. His father`s family even they don't have a hut they just stuck a four sticks with a bamboo sticks on the top whenever it rains in the night they remain awake because the hut leaks the water.

His grandmother lost her leg in an accident. She can't cook. She even can't go to bathroom without the aid of a person. His father went to market to collect the thrown vegetables to afford his two brothers, his mother and father because of financial inability. One day the market is full of fresh vegetables and that his father won't get any vegetables to be collected he went his home disappointed. My friend told me that sometimes their family even doesn't have their food for a whole daythey just drink the water and they continued in their work. His father worked day and nights sometimes he don't even sleep for 2 days to feed his family. His father is a good worker. He got a job in Telugu Ganga project. He don't want that job as his father think that his twobrothers of age 8 and 12 and one little sister of 8 years,will not succeed in their life if he leaves them so he rejected that job. Any how he sculptured his two brothers in a way that no one can point out any small defect in the work which the two brothers had executed.

He started working as a paperboy early 4.o clock in the morning. His father started his career as a granite worker and trained his brothers in the same due to inability to offer education.His father is very particular In work he even don't listen a change of 1cm of defect in fitting the granite in the floor. Sometimes he picked them all if the work deviate from actual.Due to his worrh he use to have a number of contracts to be completed which provided them to raise step by step and earn a living of having of 3 times food for nearly 28 years. His father buys a house in his vicinity and again he sold that for his sister marriage.

Situation turns, sister got in trouble soon after marriage husband even doesn't take care of her wife (aunt) when she is pregnant. She lost her life giving birth to the child even the child is died after delivery.

His grandfather decided now for the marriage of his father but his father rejected his marriage due to their financial problems for 7 times at last his father got married to a railway employee's daughter in the year 1990 and in possession of 3 sons and one daughter and had aimed to make them helpful to the needy. He is very particular in their children's education he joined his children in Convent School where the fee is about 600 per year.

Later his father's next young brother got to marry for his marriage he bring a debt of some amount for interest. After the marriage his next brothers wife doesn't show interest to continued his life with them they left their family and they started their own life. The debt remains pending and the interest of that amount is increasing day by day. One day his father went to his brothers home to ask for the amount which he brings as a debt as the interest is increasing. His Brother replied, "I don't have any money, I just have skin on body " His father shocked by the reply. He went to his home disappointed and remembers the past instances which had taken place.

His father got a new work in Rajasthan and it's time to leave his family to work and he leaves for two months and he bring all the money whatever he had earn in Rajasthan and it's not enough to clear the debt for his brothers marriage. He added the gold of his mother and he clears the debt with all interest. Again he had a problem his small children who is of 1years old is fallen ill and the doctor ask them to conduct a surgery. But now they don't have money they paid all for the debt owner last week and now they have again face a financial problem he went to collect a debt and he got to know that his son got died. He ran to the hospital. The problems his father faced in his childhood again comes to eyes.

He decided to make his daughter doctor, his elder son Police, and a last son Lawyer, not because for the benefit of his own but for the benefit of the society due to his financial problem he lost his son but if her daughter is a doctor he may conduct his surgery in the free of cost. There is also a reason behind the police and a lawyer where the poor people who can't afford huge fees for lawyers are failing in their civil as well as criminal cases. To protect the society as well as to protect their family the decision which his father takes changed the life of their children's life. At last they were succeeded, one is a police and other is a lawyer.

Guys, Life is all about obstacles. If it breaks at middle sharp both edges so that it will help you to rewrite where you actually break it. And coming to Obstacles, Obstacles are those frightful things we see, when we take our eyes of our goals, we are the creator of our own destiny. Failure is the only stepping stone to success.

  • A man who fails 10,000 times before he invented electric bulb - EDISON
  • A man who failed in business at the age of 21, his wife died at the age of 26, he mentally depressed at the age of 27, and finally he became the president of USA - ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
  • A man who had several rejections from news paper editors, they said he had no talent but he never step back, he became the biggest creator - WALT DISNEY.

Learn from the stories of above people. Turn your negatives into positives. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desires and begin at once, don't wait till the time will never be just right whether you are ready or not put your plan into action. When your desires are strong enough you will appear to posses super human powers to achieve. Patience, Persistence, Perspiration, make an unbeatable combination for success. GO FOR IT.

Love to take responsibilities. Start your day with POSITIVE. Think and grow rich. …