There was a carpenter named Gopal, who was working with a company since last 40 years of his life as an employee. He was very good and sincere at his work. Due to seriouness towards his work, he did not able to spend quality time with his family.
So one fine day he decided to resign from the job and decided to spend the rest of his life with family. He went to his Boss to confront his decision. His Boss tried so hard to stop him, but didn't succeed to stop him. Atlast he gave him a proposal requested Gopal to work with the company for one last project, to design and assist in builing a new House. He doesn't want to do it but agreed because he was serving to that company from last 40 years and there's a connection built in between.
Finally, he took over the project but didn't showed any interest while making that house. Even he doesn't bother what's going on with work, not even designed the project with all efforts. And finally, one day, the project, i.e. the house, completed and Gopal went to the Boss to handover everything and to finally say GoodBye to the company. He was about to leave, but the boss stoped him and said that you gave so much to our company, so, in return, I want to give you something special. Boss take out the keys of the newly built house, the last project of Gopal, from his desk and handovered it to Gopal and said that, in return to your favours to our Company we decided to gift you this house, the last project that you have done. But Gopal was not happy. He was looking sad because he knows that he didn't made that house as good as he could as he wished to just complete that project anyhow without giving his full efforts.

This story reflects our life as a student, we usually don't study as per the needs of the subjects. We only regret after finishing the course at the last moment. Even during exams we regret to our behavior which we made in last classes, by not attending the class properly and by not giving our 100%. So, "Work hard, don't run from your task".…