Criminal Law Practice & Procedure

About the Course:
Criminal Law has always been at the heart of the legal field. It is one such field that requires deep study and tons of experience to master. Some of the top lawyers of the country have been able to achieve these high standards only and only because of their excellence in criminal law. It is not only helpful to a person aspiring to be criminal lawyer but also to each and every person who is involved in the any field of law as there is no field of law that is untouched from the intricacies of criminal law.

We have made an attempt to simplify this area of law and to make it interesting like never before. The course has been designed in such a manner that every person, whether a student of first year or an advocate practicing in any court of the country will get to learn something new. The course is friendly to freshers and very easy to understand. We have brought together some of the best people in the field to provide with the best possible knowledge.

Mode of Classes:
1. The Mode of Learning will be online. The language of the Module will be partly in English and partly in Hindi.
2. All the modules will be live or prerecorded video lectures. The ID and Password to join the same shall be provided to the participants before hand.
3. The detailed schedule of each Module will be sent before the commencement of that Module.
4. Participant can only join through their registered mail ID that they have filled in the Registration form.
5. With each Module, a written material will be provided by S&M Partners that is prepared by the Course Instructors in consultation with experts. The written material will be in English language.
6. Each Module has its own importance. Hence, some module requires 2 lectures whereas some requires 4 to 5 during the course duration.
7. Participants may ask their doubts after the conclusion of the lecture as a special duration will be allocated to the doubt sessions.

NOTE – Your exams and other involvements will be taken care of while arranging the Lectures.

Evaluation & Attendance
1. Participants will be evaluated at different stages through assessment tests that will be open book and online.
2. On the basis of intermediate evaluation tests and final assessment test (open book), participants will be marked that will be reflected in their merit certificate.
3. A participant needs to maintain a minimum of 60% attendance in online classes and 50% in the evaluation to be eligible for the certificate. The attendance will be auto marked by the system.

Registration Process:
Registration is open till 30th July, 2020. The registration is open for any person interested in gaining knowledge in the field of criminal law. The participants are required to fill the registration form online along with the registration fees.

Registration Fee: Rs 1830/-
Registration Form: Click here
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Email ID:

For queries, contact:
Mr. Shubham Kumar, Coordinator : (+91) 98181-47553
Mr. Debashish Panda, Co-Coordinator : (+91) 70089-55045
Mr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Co-Coordinator : (+91) 82183-54441

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