Family Law & Practices

About the Course:
This Course on family covers in-depth knowledge about the realm of family law which include contents of the religion-based laws and number of acts that are applied by the Courts in overseeing the family law matters.
S&M partners have made an attempt to make the subject interesting and the course is designed in such a way that it contemplates every detail and concept of family law to its crux. The concepts, definitions and explanations have been simplified to provide a better understanding of the topics by the speakers. The major objectives of providing this course is to give a better overstretch of the subject to every student in a systematic manner which will be helpful in competitive exams and Practical implementations.

Mode of Classes:
1. The mode of learning will be online & in English language.
2. All the modules will be pre-recorded video lectures.
3. The detailed schedule of each Module will be sent before the commencement of that Module.
4. Participant can only access the course through their registered mail ID that they have filled in the Registration form.
5. Each Module has its own importance. Hence, some module requires 1 lecture whereas some requires 2 to 4 during the course duration.
6. The doubts of participants can be resolved via two methods. Either through online doubt resolving portal or through live doubt sessions at the end of the course.
NOTE – Your academic test, exams and other curricular involvements will be taken care of while arranging the lectures and tests.

Evaluation & Attendance
1. Participants will be evaluated at different stages through assessment tests that will be open book and online.
2. On the basis of intermediate evaluation tests and final assessment test (open book), participants will be marked that will be reflected in their merit certificate.
3. A participant needs to maintain a minimum of 60% attendance in online classes and 50% in the evaluation to be eligible for the certificate. The attendance will be auto marked by the system.

Registration Process:
Registration will be done on rolling basis i.e., Participants can register for this course at any point of time. The registration is open for any person interested in gaining knowledge in the field of family law. The participants are required to fill the registration form online along with the registration fees.

Registration Fee: Rs 3500/- Rs1699/-
Registration Form: Click here
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For more details, refer to brochure: Download Brochure

Perks we offer

  • With each Module, a written material will be provided by S&M Partners that is prepared by the Course Instructors in consultation with experts.The written material will be in English language.

  • Access to all recorded lectures 24x7. Different assessment tests to evaluate level of learning of participants.

  • S&M Partners in association with Chambers of Nishant Anand will issue a certificate to all the participants after the completion of the course.

  • A separate Certificate of Merit will be issued to top 5 best students on the basis of assessment test conducted during the course.

  • Internship to top 3 students with Chambers of Nishant Anand

Email ID:
For queries, contact:
Mr. Shubham Mishra : (+91-9616927081)
Abhinav Sharma : (+91-9265724984)
Download the BROCHURE from here.