"How can I study well?", Well; I googled it and found these points to study well

- Stick to a Schedule
- Understand what you're learning
- Use flash cards
- Rewrite your notes
- Take breaks
- Test yourself
- Avoid cramming

Is it done? Am I ready to study now? Can I study well now?

I don't think this will help you out, until or unless you want it to be.

These are just some approaches to study; and not everyone can fit himself into it. Not everyone can relate it to himself. Not everyone has the same resources to utilize. Not everyone has the same interest into that subject. Not everyone has been admitted into top institutions. Not everyone get the better faculties and better study materials. Not everyone get the time to study. Not everyone..................

This will not end.........................
Add anything after the word "Not Everyone" and one new excuse will come.

Yes, some of these points are true but who is going to care about your issues?
Who is going to care for your education? Who's life is going to affect if you can't study well?

It's you and only you!

Yes, only your life will be affected if you couldn't do well.
Only you will be affected by your poor performance, whatever the excuse may be.
And only you're going to deal with it, that's final.


One thing is common;
One thing is common for anyone and everyone. It's this question,

"How should I study well?"

What's this "STUDY WELL"?

Where's this word come from? It's come as an outcome after these stupid excuses of study.
Instead you should've asked; "How should I Study?"

Didn't get it?
Then try to relate this;

Study, as defined by Oxford, "The devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of books."

It means,
- DEVOTION OF TIME, have you really devoted your proper time?
- ATTENTION TO GAIN, have you paid your attention? The attention to gain? Or You just read the black line on a white page?
- SUBJECT, have you studied it like a subject or just tried to complete it or end it?
- BOOKS, have you yourself read it from 1st line to the ending full-stop of the last page or just listened the lectures of professors or friends?

This is the definition of study and you can study well itself if you follow the definition.

And one thing is implied here; which I think need the utmost understanding.
It's, you have to make yourself a STUDENT first.

First you have to realize that you're a student, and you are not above or near to what you're going to study. First learn to respect what you are going to study. First forget that your father has Rs 50 crores in his bank balance. First forget that you are socially, economically or political backward. First forget all the considerations. First perceive youself a student.

A book can be your friend only if you give time to it, if you respect it, it you make proper use of it.
And a best friend, if you do justice to it.

Be a Student, and you will learn "how to study" yourself.

The sooner you would be a Student, the sooner you would be a genius.