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Human Hands Together

Human Hands Together is a non- governmental organisation (NGO) registered as a national society under Societies Regulation Act, 1860 by the Govt. of NCT, Delhi on 16th November 2017. It is founded by members from 9 States of India. The society works with the objective to escalate legal awareness and to carry out the activities related to the research and development in the fields of human rights for the welfare of the mankind.

The Society begun its initiative by organising 1st National Symposium on “Law- merely a career” at Innovative Institute of Law, Noida to address the young lawyers and law students the basic ideology and sociology of “law” and to encourage them into questioning how they can help in building a Society as envisioned by our Constitutional forefathers and the Freedom fighters. The Symposium was bestowed with the presence of Ms. Shriya Maini (Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India), Ms. Neelu Mainwal (DLSA Secretary and now Civil Judge) and Mr. Ananda Raman (PPS, Law Commission of India) alongside 100+ participants from over 20 institutions.

Following the Symposium, Human Hands Together has been associated with JRTC Intern and extended its support to organise National Law Conclave 2020 at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi on the topic “The Chief Justice’s Court - Beyond the Judgments” and “Gender Neutrality – When? Why? How?” and National Seminar 2019 on “Skills Required To Be A Successful Law Professional” at the ISIL, Delhi. The Society further joined hands with IAMR Law College, Ghaziabad to organise National Essay Writing Competition 2020 on “Human Rights as a Principle for the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Knowledge”.

During the pandemic wave, the Society took an initiative to offer digital learning and associated with S&M Partners to come up with easily accessible courses on Legal Drafting, Criminal Law Practice, and Family Law Practices etc. wherein thousands of students from over 100+ institutions took part. The courses were designed keeping in mind the practical aspects and the ground reality of the law-in-practice. The students of merit have been provided mentorship apart from the (online) internships.

One less single coin will not make any difference in your life but one more can reform theirs
- Human Hands Together

The society during the harsh winters of 2017-18 surveyed some areas of Greater Noida (Delhi NCR) and distributed blankets to the roadside needy and people in the slums there from the contribution it received post its appeal on many platforms.

The Society is being run by many professionals including advocates, engineers, business persons, entrepreneurs and students. Needless to say, the Society deeply appreciates the efforts of its advisors and volunteers in all its endeavours and initiatives.