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Human Hands Together
- Ayush Dutt Tripathi

India is a very young country. Citizens in India are very less than in age like 60% of Indians are below 30 years, and with a country of political democracy, a parliamentary democracy the political development is the main nerve of the country. But sadly, in the present era the political system which was created to solve the problems of the country has become itself the biggest problem of the country.

People say more number of young people should take part in politics for the sake of betterment and proper functioning of the government but the interested youngster are apprehensive they feel that the system discourages them into coming into politics because we have a political system where success depends upon the caste, family background, money power.

Taking a case of a youth man who wants to join a youth feathers of political party. No, none of the political party has a decent, formal stipend mechanism to encourage this sort of young people. Without any system of earning this young man starts getting into wheeling and dealing pity corruption and that's how corruption is started from a very initiative stage. Even if he gives 10 years or more decades for the party when the times of the election comes who gets the party ticket? The one man who is born in that particular family or that man who can bring more power, success to the party. This is the system where meritocracy is not respected, talent is not respected, hard work and sincerity is not rewarded.

To translate it in a national picture the 1st problem of dynasty is in the 15th Lok Sabha the present in which we are now the two national parties congress and the B.J.P got only 18% and 28% of the total national vote respectively so here is the classic case of minorities of voters electing the majority of legislators so how representative is this government? And now we come to the 2nd problem of dynasty can you believe that not a single person in the present Lok Sabha is below 30 years of age and who doesn't come from a political family? Not even one single honourable exception.


Reservation… It is the best constitutional scheme but it is used as a tool in politics to get success and wealth. It is being misused by the politicians for their own well and profit.

Talking about the economical edge of India. India's GDP growth during Jan-March period of year 2015 was at 7.5% compared to china's 7% fastest growing economy in the world, and the Indian government has forecasted a growth rate of 8.1% to 8.5% in GDP during 2016.

India has constituted a new fire of hope with ambitious growth targets by some strategic undertakings such as Make in India and Digital India campaigns. The G.S.T is a solution that is expected to provide the much-needed speed for economic growth in India.

·         Removal of bunch of taxes like VAT, CST, Service tax, etc.

·         Increases demand and consumption of goods.

·         Low burden on common man.

·         Boost to the Indian economy.


By the implementation of G.S.T, the proposed taxation system holds great promise in terms of sustaining growth for the Indian economy.


Now the diplomatic approach of India. In the span of last 3 years India is rapidly changing in terms of international affairs. India is shaping itself to become a land of endless possibilities and achieving successes that one could seldom imagine. Today, India has been duly recognized for its cost effective technological solutions, be it software or space technology. No country has the feat successfully launching a mission to Mars in the very first attempt.

There a large scope for the other countries to invest in India, be it in the biggest sanitation drive; solid waste management, construction of smart cities, toilets or smart infrastructure. There is an immense potential for India to be a Manufacturing hub of the world given that India has the edge over others with its great demographic dividend and cost-effective labour force.

The P.M of India Narendra Modi is seeking new and new way to enhance India's global diplomacy. India's diplomacy seems to be set in the right direction. Day by day India is getting diplomatic and advance.

Taking all the points in knowledge India is really changing excluding the political system which is the main nerve for the development of India in the terms of diplomacy or economy.