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Human Hands Together

Human Hands Together organized its 1st Symposium on "Law - not merely a career" in association with District Legal Services Authority, Gautam Budh Nagar, Panacea Legal, Legal Desire Media & Publications and Innovative Institute of Law, Greater Noida. The programme held on 16th September 2018 in the afternoon at the Moot Court Hall of IIL, Greater Noida.

The event was bestowed with the presence of Ms. Neelu Mainwal, Secretary, DLSA, Mr. Ananda Raman S., PPS, Law Commission of India, Ms. Shriya Maini, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Dr. Mritunjay Pandey, HOD, Innovative Institute of Law.

110 delegates from 24 institutions across the country registered for the event, out of which 78 delegates actually participated. The hall was full with the participants along with the Invitees and the members of the Organizing Committee.

Mr. Balwinder Kang welcomed the Hon'ble Guests and the delegates. He quoted one of the famous lines of Shakespeare 'kill all the lawyers'. He explained how this statement was misinterpreted. He also added that 'Law is endless' and 'Lawyers are the foundation of development'. Honesty is the core of law and judiciary.

Dr. M. Pandey gave the welcome address and shared his experience being HOD at IIL. The guests were honored with a bouquet and the event begun with lighting of lamp.

Newsclip - Law - not merely a career

The guests also launched the monogram on "Law - not merely a career" which has been published by the Human Hands Together which is comprised of the best thoughts from the participants on the same subject and guide one the scope of the Symposium.

Mr. Lakshay Jindal, President, Human Hands Together put emphasis on understanding discipline in law as career. In his opinion law is a profession of prestige, pride and honour, but at the same time he stressed on the point that this profession has been declining its status and hence it must give introspection to itself. He said that the legal profession is now overcrowded and that's why the young lawyers are now at the crossroads.

Quoting Mr. Padala Rama Reddy, Mr. Jindal said "The problem before the young lawyers is in which way to take; a path that may lead to prosperity by questionable means, or a path which is vigorous, difficult, and laborious by acquiring the art of advocacy, by scholarship, by being sincere and honest to the client, and by being helpful to the court, and ultimately by upholding the solemnity of justice. Referring to the Supreme Court's Judgments, he then highlighted that how legal profession has now been commercialized. He applauded the members of the Legal Fraternity who are trying their best to preserve the very ethics and ideology of law.

Ms. Shriya Maini, Supreme Court Advocate sharing her experiences said that she was eager to attend debates, moots, conferences during her college life and always wanted to see herself on the other side while attending various events. She shared her academics experience of Oxford University, London and how it brought a great change in her life. It was the law which provided her with a platform to enter into international places. She asked the participants to maintain a sense of balance in their college life. In her words "Law is a medicine", it is a skill based profession. Giving some tips what to opt in college life to be a successful lawyer, she asked the audience to grab every opportunity and to do internships. "It is a very fine way to build contacts so that you are never short of help", she added explaining the importance of seniors in a lawyer's life. For those who are not interested in litigation or corporate law, she advised them to be an academician.

Telling the important to know oneself, Ms. Maini said, it is because only after knowing oneself one can know what their areas of interest are and accordingly they can plan their future. She broke the myth that law firms strive for marks on sheet but they look for skills in a person. Other than these all tips she describes law as a journey, and it is endless. One can only be lawyer if he inculcates the quality of questioning. She personally feels that lawyers never retire. Pro bono litigation is something which makes the journey to be successful lawyer easy. Concluding her speech she said that one should be different in skills and knowledge from other competitors.

Mr. Ananda Raman S. explained Law, definitely not merely a career, said "Change is constant in law". Law keeps on changing with the changes around. He gave the example of Section 377 which has recently been decriminalized by honorable Supreme Court. He emphasized that studying jurisprudence is a primary thing and it should be done by all the beginners in career of law. He asked not to restrict oneself only to litigation or corporate sector but also to opt for other criteria. Requesting the audience to never forget the poor and needy people, he added, "Legal profession is a major component of justice, and assisting the citizen to secure their rights is its main objective".

The DLSA Secretary, Ms. Neelu Mainwal, focused on the ethics in the legal profession and those principles which guide the behavior of a lawyer. She said law is like a positive and negative opportunity, those who walk on the path of positive aspect they abide and follow the law whereas those who opt negative aspect they are behind bars. She talked about Legal Services Authority, its objective and history of its formation. She told it was established in the year 1987 under Article 39A of the Constitution which talks about free legal aid. Speaking further, she said "Clients see lawyers as a mean to justice". Describing importance of ethics she added that if ethics are not followed, law as career will decline and ultimately it needs to reorganize itself. She concluded by saying that to maintain confidence of people in judiciary, ethics should be followed.

Addressing the valedictory session, Mr. Lokesh Bulchandani, Secretary, Human Hands Together gave vote of thanks to each and every one present in the Symposium. He started with some famous quotes and told how this event is useful for the people attending it. He emphasized that, "Law is not only a career but also an occupation." He thanked the dignitary speakers, Mr. Manu Lakhotiya (Founder, Panacea Legal) for his invaluable support and expressed his privilege he is being a part of the event.

The three best authors of the write up on "Law - not merely a career" were awarded with a "Certificate of merit" along with a Legal Desire Online Drafting Course. The members of the OC were also felicitated. The event was winded up by presenting momentous to all the guests and the associated partners.

After the departure of the guests, Mr. Bulchandani held a session with all the participants guiding them about how to grab an internship of their wishes. He gave counseling to the participants on how to draft a cover letter and prepare a CV while applying for a legal internship. On behalf of the Human Hands Together, he asked the participating students to send their CV to them, so that they can place them at the respective offices depending on the CVs. The participants were provided Certificate of Participation, Monogram on "Law - not merely a career", and refreshment box.