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Human Hands Together
- Manav Garg
I raise up my voice not because I am cognoscenti or I can shout but so that, those without a voice can be heard, as we all cannot succeed when majority of us are held back.
- Malala Yousafzai

As one learns from the conditions of women worldwide they are ill-treated in most of the countries, which eventually has been a direct blow on the face of law, being the state of law not maintained diligently. Life of women has been clouded with sadness and misery in some parts of world like Africa and Middle East.

Young girls from Laos, Cambodia are forced into sex slave trade. Female babies in China are left on hillsides to starve. In our very own country, Midwives in India are paid to fatal the female infants ,giving rise to Female infanticides which in as offence , just because the family wants to have sons as daughters are considered as a burden in their life, primarily because of the dowry system which still continues to persist in some regions of the world. The root cause of all this is is the orthodox perspective which has become a possession of many people.

We need to change our outlook by providing more opportunities to women so that our country could progress . Why is it so that men are prioritized? Why women are deprived of the opportunities to education and other aspects of life? Why female infants are killed before they could open their eyes into this mysterious world... Why is it women could not walk or move freely in their own country? Why there is a state of inequality amongst us. All this is the result of orthodox of people which obstructs women's growth and their contribution towards their country and decline their status in their society.

We need to lift the veil on the shocking world of the forced marriages, sex slavery and other outrages against women, both royal and common. I am often sorry for all this knowledge which I possess as it makes me ill with grief and bleakness. We need to ensure that each and every person has the veil and inside the palace walls so we could overcome evil with good.

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