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Human Hands Together

The team of Human Hands Together conducted a survey at Jagat Farms Market, Greater Noida. With a team of a dozen of active volunteers especially from LLOYD LAW COLLEGE, we met at around 30 people who were begging in the market and didn’t had any place to live.


The value of food, they knew better than us as many of them had no source of basic income and used to end their day without eating even a single piece of grain. Almost all of them were shivering due to the extreme cold. The team filled up the survey forms and met at the Greater Noida office. After discussing all the issues, we analysed and concluded that the biggest problem at present for these helpless beggars is this extreme cold and they will feel relieved if we could serve blankets to them without any delay. Some volunteers took the responsibility of fundraiser and collected as much as Rupees Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Three.

On 3rd January, we purchased around 40 Blankets. Some new volunteers also assisted the team in packing each blanket in a separate packing. Advocate Manu Lakhotiya also accompanied us and encouraged the team.


At around 4:25 Pm, the team went on to Jagat Farm Market and distributed the Blankets, further the team in small groups visited several Hovels, temples and construction sites. We then distributed the blankets there as per the need.

The team also encouraged them to do some work for their livelihood instead of begging, also requested them to let their children away from their work as only school is the best place for them at this young age.

At 6:15 Pm, the programme is concluded at the office of Human Hands Together.

Human Hands Together thanks to all who supported us either in financial or non-financial terms.

Appreciating the work, we are grateful of Mayank, Charan, Harshita, Suprakash, Rakshit, Barsha, Medha, Nikhil, Abhinav, Utsav, Nikhil, Ankit, Shivang, Saksham, Mohit, Rajat, Charuvind, Lokesh, Gaurav, Varun, Vaibhav, Hasrat, Saurabh, Somya, Divya, Suprita, Monica, Prachi, Nutan, Jai Saini, Shruti, Ankush Khanna, Vaishnavi Shukla, Abhinav Mishra, Gourav Mishra, Simran, Himanshu, Jai Agrawal etc. for their contribution.

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